Friday, October 9, 2009

Local cuisine

Many people will know that there is a lot of Mexican food on offer in Los Angeles, which is fantastic because most of it is cheap as well as delicious. Of course there are varying degrees of 'authenticity', seemingly represented by the amount of money that is spent on interior decorating and menu design. But even the fast food chain versions can cobble together the necessary ingredients without butchering the meal too badly.

The above image is a still from a new work... a simple investigation of space and narrative inside a restaurant called Cabo Cabana. Sometimes I wonder why I would bother writing an explicit narrative, when an infinite number of them already exist in what we might call 'the natural world'. A fascinating story emerged right before my eyes, the mother wanting to go and pick up her other daughter from sports practice without taking the daughter who was already safe in the zone of her parents. Naturally, our young heroine in yellow wanted to go with Mommy, creating an Escape from L.A. type scenario, the mercenary matriarch needing to rescue daughter two before the daughter one bomb was detonated. It was tears before bedtime, but Dad did a wonderful job, administering plenty of hugs in a calm and reassuring manner.

The images below are from a place in Newhall, a suburb about 5min drive from campus. A group of us sampled their tacos and salsa, with pleasing results. Why do handwritten signs often indicate that the proprietor cares more about the food than the appearance of their front counter? Or is it simply economics dictating where available money needs to be spent?

On another occasion, Fiona and I ate here. We did not get high off the food...

Meanwhile, I found this on a road in Beverly Hills...

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  1. Stalking in the Taco joints eh?! I'll have a word with your social worker. Enjoying reading your Hamerican hexploits, miss your fine company and fruity film-making.
    all the bery vest