Friday, January 1, 2010


self portrait, January 1st, 2010.

I feel like a lot has happened since I was 18. At that time I started studying Philosophy at Auckland University, spent more time hanging out in the city and began what would become a 10 year commitment to Radio 95bFM. It was an exciting time for sure; many new ideas were swimming round in my brain and new cultural stimulation was easily found. I clearly remember feeling like I was laying the ground work for future developments.

Fast forward to now and the situation seems remarkably similar, it is simply that the territory has expanded, albeit in ways I had never imagined. It is clear that this expansion of context signifies a large degree of growth and the potential for greater adventures in art and in life. I have made it through the first semester of my masters degree here in Los Angeles and the dramatic adjustments I have been through have shaken out many cobwebs, leaving room for some serious stretching of my capacity for understanding myself and the things around me. Though I also have a parallel sensation of growing up and feeling somewhat more settled in my own skin and by extension, more comfortable with the idea of not knowing, of letting some things exist without categorisation. I have to acknowledge that certain developments in my domestic situation are contributing to this air of satisfaction. Being in love is a challenging enterprise that will reveal the best and worst of you. But at all times it is a truly beautiful experience, one that I am super thankful to be having again.

So here's looking to what is yet to happen but here's looking also to what is happening now, because I'd like to get better at valuing what is right in front of me. It seems like a good plan of attack these days.

Best wishes to anyone reading... let's have some fun.